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How Florida and Canada took different directions on the death penalty

We’re talking about the death penalty. While Canada abandoned this punishment long ago, Florida remains one of its most enthusiastic proponents. The last executions in Canada were in December 1962, when two men were hung in Toronto’s Don Jail. Seventeen months later, two men were killed in Florida’s electric chair, in what could also have been the state’s last executions. Regrettably, they were not. Florida’s halt in executions proved to be nothing more than a 15-year pause.

In 1972, the US Supreme Court overturned the USA’s capital laws because of the arbitrary way in which death sentences were being handed out. However, later that year, Florida’s lawmakers became the first in the country to enact a new capital statute. That law was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1976. Less than two weeks later, the Canadian parliament voted to abolish the death penalty, except for some military offences. In 1998, Canada removed these last vestiges of capital punishment from its statute books. That same year, Florida – which by then had put more than 40 people to death since resuming executions in 1979 – moved to cement the death penalty into its Constitution to protect it from judicial ban.

Canada supplies more visitors to Florida than any other country in the world, with more than three million of us visiting the Sunshine State each year. Yet, while the bustle and beauty of South Beach may be just a three-hour flight from cities like Toronto, there is a sense in which the distance between us is far greater. A decades-wide gulf in fact.

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